Pneumatosis intestinalis and volvulus: a rare association

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Sara Custódio Alves
Mónica Seidi
Sara Pires
Eduardo Espada
Sónia Tomás
Vítor Fonseca
Filipa Barros
Manuel Irimia
Armindo Ramos


Pneumatosis intestinalis (PI) is a rare condition, especially when associated with volvulus; it is often misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated. We present the case of a 27 year-old woman suffering from an acute abdomen. An abdominal tomography was performed revealing Pneumatosis intestinalis. Once in the operating theatre sigmoid volvulus was diagnosed and Hartmann surgery performed. Histology showed intestinal ischemia. During the hospital stay, evolution was favourable. The authors present this case and a brief theoretical review, due to its rarity and clinical interest.

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